Dalibor Vavruska’s trend-setting and predictive publications for pivotal moments in the TMT industry 

October 2016

prediction of strategic expansion of telecoms into broader digital consumer services shortly before AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner and major successful consumer moves by Turkcell

November 2014

prediction of telco infrastructure spin offs, consolidation and deemphasising of net neutrality; standalone telecom infrastructure has since become popular and the US has revoked net neutrality

February 2008

prediction of a fundamentally challenging decade for telecommunications due to flawed industry and investor expectations including ignorance of disruptive factors

May 2017

warning about excessive expectations for at that time popular wireless companies by contrasting them with the earlier internet bubble

October 2002

prediction of a major boom in emerging market wireless industry that would transform economies 

July 2000

prediction of a major new market opportunity in e-commerce for the 2000s

July 1999

non-consensus view challenging prevailing optimism in the final stages of the 1990s global telecom bubble

Dalibor Vavruska’s awards in prestigious global research surveys

top three place for emerging markets telecom and TMT research in 12 different years

#1 positions in 5 different years

the youngest member of #1 rated European analyst team in 2000

top three place for emerging markets telecom and TMT research in 15 different years

#1 positions in 8 different years

the best investment professional in emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa in 2009

Dalibor Vavruska has helped to successfully introduce new TMT companies to the stock market (IPOs)

Innovators often claim that ‘this time is unique, revolutionary’. They guide us to enter a new better world. Sometimes they want us to forget our history so that we can adapt more easily. This is not new. Not even innovation itself is new. The reality is that tech innovation does amazing things, it can literally  save humanity, but it could also be deeply devastating. All depends on how we handle it. Far from forgetting our history, we must understand how innovation and technologies evolved in the past, what turned out to be good and bad, and what enabled us to  successfully predict technology trends. This is crucial for our ability to foresee and shape our on own future and make it as  bright as possible.